Welcome to my baby blog!

My baby and I have recently moved to Quebec, a place where an entire year of maternity leave is now standard. The first year of life is incredibly important; we understand this more and more because of new findings in neuroscience. Babies brains are growing rapidly and need tons of love, attention and stimulation to help guide this growth. Now that I am in a society that clearly recognizes this, (to the point of providing paid maternity leave!) I want to take full advantage of this precious time.

Take a look at my research, thoughts and experiences. Many of them are probably obvious or commonsense, but have also been proven in research studies. Especially if you have to work and do not have as much time with your baby as you would like, here are some ways to make the most of the time you have. (Or maybe you are desperate for some time to yourself, but do not want to feel guilty about depriving baby…) In any case, just have fun!