Tummy time with a rattle

20121001-034406.jpgHere is the tummy time everyone talks about, and he is happier than usual for some unknown reason. He usually gets frustrated by not being able to go anywhere, and just the overall helplessness he feels, so I distract him by tickling his back and patting his tush. Both of these always calm him down and allow him to work the muscles a little longer. I had to do this more in the beginning. Both of us are quite happy to see him get stronger from day to day. He always seems as amazed by his progress and I am. As he grew stronger, we were able to use toys like this rattle to keep him occupied. But the best distraction ever has been the two cats. I get them to sit in front of him and he completely forgets that he is doing a huge back and arm workout.

Note: when my calming techniques no longer work, I scoop him up right away to make sure he knows he won’t be stuck in an uncomfortable situation. I also encourage him to put his head down and rest. It is important that he understands that he has that choice. This way he feels as empowered as possible, despite being a tiny helpless baby. Life is much more exciting when you feel empowered.