The ultimate night-time diaper

Night-time diapers are especially important to me, since it is the longest period in one diaper, and comfort and temperature control are especially important and definitely affects Baby’s mood when he wakes up. I have found that both disposables and gDiapers leak by the morning, too. In disposables, he overheats. This is less of a problem with the gDiapers, but they still surround him in nylon.
Enter undyed organic wool baby underpants. (Or some call them overpants.) This is the purest thing I could find and it feels so good to put it on him. I tried it for the first time last night, and he didn’t overheat like usual. Instead he woke up smiling and calm! Though you can’t really feel it, the wool has lanolin in it so it doesn’t leak at all and doesn’t even smell! I am so happy. It is also absurdly adorable. I ordered it online, so I got it large in case they ran small. Since it is for sleeping it doesn’t matter that clothes wouldn’t fit over it, and the leg holes and waist are still small enough that they don’t leak. We will get tons of use out of this.
My set up: a folded prefold held in place by another prefold pinned at the hips. Then the wool underpants go on over this.
The last photo is a thinner kind which I imagine would be better for summer….