Non-Toxic Baby

When you do some research online, you can find all kinds of scary information about what can be in children’s products. Of course, there can be even worse flame retardants, and other chemicals and metals, in products that are not intended for children. (Computers, printers and cell phones are really bad, but we use them all the time, and then touch our children…)

My philosophy is: I know I can’t control everything, but at least I can reduce exposure when it is possible and it involves something that Baby comes into contact with regularly. I think most of these chemicals are bad when they accumulate from multiple exposures, so I do what I can and don’t worry too much about the rest, since anxiety is probably even worse.

Favorite Toy Brands: Plan Toys, Wonderworld, Haba, Lego, Gund, Ganz, Douglas Toys

Favorite Stroller Brands: Orbit baby, 4moms, Baby Jogger, Uppa Baby

Favorite Travel Play Pen: Baby Bjorn; the only one I can find without harmful chemicals. (Even Phil and Teds has flame retardant.)

Favorite High Chair: Stokke; expensive at first, but can be used forever. There may be an issue with it falling backwards if it is pulled up to a table and the floor is not slippery enough. Baby can kick off from the table and tilt chair backwards. In this case, Baby Bjorn is maybe better for very young kids, but they will quickly grow out of it.

Favorite Clothing and Pajamas: Carters; not organic, but has no flame retardant, even in pajamas. Under the Nile, Luca Charles (often 70% off on Zulily). Clothes made with organic cotton are usually safe, but it is better to check that there are no flame retardants or other chemicals used in the manufacturing process, even if the starting material is organic cotton. It is better to be safe for both environment and baby.

Favorite Bath Products: Angel Baby (bottom balm and shampoo and body wash)

Here is a great place to shop!


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Toxins in clothing

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Here is a really good reason to avoid “fragrance” in your first trimester!

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Sites that have strange logic…. like trying to avoid one bad thing by replacing it with something even worse.

Reaching for paintings in motion

20121001-035133.jpgI put together this mobile from some postcards of modern art. They tend to be similar to baby-oriented pictures, with their bold contrasting colors, but I like the fact that they were made to be interesting to adults as well. I think this adds something extra, even if baby can’t fully appreciate the art yet. He certainly gets excited by the pictures.

When trying to grab one, he discovered that they would move away from him if he hit them too hard. He started to adjust his approach and tried to be careful. He also chose to use two hands instead of just one, since the other could catch the card if one hand hit it too hard. In any case, he was given the opportunity to make these discoveries because the cards were presented to him in a tricky way.

Bouncing in Merry Muscles Baby Bouncer

20121001-034729.jpgBaby’s level: 4 months and above, best if baby can support head completely

We got this bouncer when he was four months old and it was perfect timing. He was absolutely amazed at suddenly being able to control so much about his position. He can turn around, bounce up and down at whatever pace he wants, stop his motion completely, and even scooch over to touch the painting on the door. He would often start squealing and experimenting with all kinds of noises. It seems the new physical possibilities stimulate him mentally as well.

Here is the website for Merry Muscles

Tummy time with a rattle

20121001-034406.jpgHere is the tummy time everyone talks about, and he is happier than usual for some unknown reason. He usually gets frustrated by not being able to go anywhere, and just the overall helplessness he feels, so I distract him by tickling his back and patting his tush. Both of these always calm him down and allow him to work the muscles a little longer. I had to do this more in the beginning. Both of us are quite happy to see him get stronger from day to day. He always seems as amazed by his progress and I am. As he grew stronger, we were able to use toys like this rattle to keep him occupied. But the best distraction ever has been the two cats. I get them to sit in front of him and he completely forgets that he is doing a huge back and arm workout.

Note: when my calming techniques no longer work, I scoop him up right away to make sure he knows he won’t be stuck in an uncomfortable situation. I also encourage him to put his head down and rest. It is important that he understands that he has that choice. This way he feels as empowered as possible, despite being a tiny helpless baby. Life is much more exciting when you feel empowered.