The ultimate night-time diaper

Night-time diapers are especially important to me, since it is the longest period in one diaper, and comfort and temperature control are especially important and definitely affects Baby’s mood when he wakes up. I have found that both disposables and gDiapers leak by the morning, too. In disposables, he overheats. This is less of a problem with the gDiapers, but they still surround him in nylon.
Enter undyed organic wool baby underpants. (Or some call them overpants.) This is the purest thing I could find and it feels so good to put it on him. I tried it for the first time last night, and he didn’t overheat like usual. Instead he woke up smiling and calm! Though you can’t really feel it, the wool has lanolin in it so it doesn’t leak at all and doesn’t even smell! I am so happy. It is also absurdly adorable. I ordered it online, so I got it large in case they ran small. Since it is for sleeping it doesn’t matter that clothes wouldn’t fit over it, and the leg holes and waist are still small enough that they don’t leak. We will get tons of use out of this.
My set up: a folded prefold held in place by another prefold pinned at the hips. Then the wool underpants go on over this.
The last photo is a thinner kind which I imagine would be better for summer….






Knitting for babies

Here are links to some completely safe yarns:

organic wool with GOTS certified dyes

Here are some links I found in my research about dyes:
(So far, my conclusion is that fiber reactive dyes, a specific kind of synthetic dye, are actually safer than natural dyes.)

Natural dyes vs. synthetic?


Non-Toxic Baby

When you do some research online, you can find all kinds of scary information about what can be in children’s products. Of course, there can be even worse flame retardants, and other chemicals and metals, in products that are not intended for children. (Computers, printers and cell phones are really bad, but we use them all the time, and then touch our children…)

My philosophy is: I know I can’t control everything, but at least I can reduce exposure when it is possible and it involves something that Baby comes into contact with regularly. I think most of these chemicals are bad when they accumulate from multiple exposures, so I do what I can and don’t worry too much about the rest, since anxiety is probably even worse.

Favorite Toy Brands: Plan Toys, Wonderworld, Haba, Lego, Gund, Ganz, Douglas Toys

Favorite Stroller Brands: Orbit baby, 4moms, Baby Jogger, Uppa Baby

Favorite Travel Play Pen: Baby Bjorn; the only one I can find without harmful chemicals. (Even Phil and Teds has flame retardant.)

Favorite High Chair: Stokke; expensive at first, but can be used forever. There may be an issue with it falling backwards if it is pulled up to a table and the floor is not slippery enough. Baby can kick off from the table and tilt chair backwards. In this case, Baby Bjorn is maybe better for very young kids, but they will quickly grow out of it.

Favorite Clothing and Pajamas: Carters; not organic, but has no flame retardant, even in pajamas. Under the Nile, Luca Charles (often 70% off on Zulily). Clothes made with organic cotton are usually safe, but it is better to check that there are no flame retardants or other chemicals used in the manufacturing process, even if the starting material is organic cotton. It is better to be safe for both environment and baby.

Favorite Bath Products: Angel Baby (bottom balm and shampoo and body wash)

Here is a great place to shop!


a good blog- this page is about pvc

Plastic wrap?

Toxins in clothing

All about cosmetics…

Here is a really good reason to avoid “fragrance” in your first trimester!

about formaldehyde in clothing

Sites that have strange logic…. like trying to avoid one bad thing by replacing it with something even worse.

Baby Swiss Ball Exercises

Having a baby is horrible for your core strength! Your abs become unusable for a while and your lower back gets a severe curve in it from the weight of your belly. Then, once you have the baby, your upper back and shoulders start to curve around in order to hold baby and milk-filled breasts make you want to slouch over. But with some awareness and effort, you can fix this. A swiss ball, or exercise ball, will be a huge help. And once you feel Baby is strong enough, you can even use him/her as a counterbalance while you do your exercises. I started off just on the bed, doing some leg extensions and bicycle motions. This helped my muscles find themselves again, which is the first step to getting them to engage in daily activity. It is strange when you realize you no longer know how to activate particular muscles, but doing exercises which will force them to be used will solve this.