Meet my little test subject, “Baby,” although it is probably more accurate to say that I am his test subject. In either case, we have begun the adventure of being mother and baby. This means trying to figure out what it is to be human, and working on being amazing ones….

My background and training is primarily in music performance, but I have a strong interest in neuroscience. In order to play the violin well, I have had to think really hard about what it means to learn, both physically and mentally. This is one reason I am excited about watching my son grow and develop. I have gotten used to my own slow pace of change as an adult, that I am astounded to watch him practically become a new person each month. Babies seem to be a complicated mixture of adaptability and stubbornness, and my goal in all of this is to help him figure out who he is, what he wants to become, and how he can interact with the world around him in a positive, joyous, and useful way. People have many different thoughts on the best way to raise a baby to become a functioning part of society. Many of the ideas I have come to agree with seem counter-intuitive, but I have found them to work. For most of what I am doing as a mother and parent, however, I will have to wait many years before I find out if I have succeeded.

I am doing this blog to motivate me to think carefully and lovingly about my decisions as a parent, and to encourage myself to be creative and inspired for my son, despite the constant stresses and sacrifices that come with being a parent. But as proud as I am to be a parent, I am certain that I am doing many things wrong. I can just imagine my son reading this years in the future and thinking, “So that is why I am like this!” and not necessarily in a good way! But let’s hope it is mostly in a good way.