Baby Swiss Ball Exercises

Having a baby is horrible for your core strength! Your abs become unusable for a while and your lower back gets a severe curve in it from the weight of your belly. Then, once you have the baby, your upper back and shoulders start to curve around in order to hold baby and milk-filled breasts make you want to slouch over. But with some awareness and effort, you can fix this. A swiss ball, or exercise ball, will be a huge help. And once you feel Baby is strong enough, you can even use him/her as a counterbalance while you do your exercises. I started off just on the bed, doing some leg extensions and bicycle motions. This helped my muscles find themselves again, which is the first step to getting them to engage in daily activity. It is strange when you realize you no longer know how to activate particular muscles, but doing exercises which will force them to be used will solve this.

iPad university


Our newest game is Magic Piano, the iPad app. The tone quality in this app is good, and even in the atonal clusters that Baby plays, it sounds rather pleasing. There is some fun and exciting visual feedback as well and baby has been experimenting a little more each day with different ways of touching/hitting the screen. It both fascinates him and excites him and is perfect for when he is getting fussy with boredom from his usual games.

Talking Tom Cat is another game that can be fascinating for babies and educational as well. The cat repeats everything you say in a higher pitch. Babies love high pitch voices, and this allows them to get a second chance to hear everything you say. Repetition is important for learning. When baby starts talking to the cat him/herself, the repetition can help build self awareness. Recording oneself and playing it back is a really valuable tool when trying to master a skill like playing an instrument. The same would be true of learning to talk. The cat makes it fun!

Facing fears


As I was putting the food away after shopping, the bread bags made loud crinkling sounds and Baby started crying. When he is in a particular mood, he can be sensitive to certain sounds. I reassured him and then held up the bag so he could make the sound himself. Once he realized he could produce it and in that way, have control over the sound, he was no longer afraid of it.