Even babies can have singing lessons

20121001-041423.jpgSinging is a fun way to get your baby’s attention and when baby is in the right mood, you can do a back and forth session. This can mean a lot of waiting on your part while baby opens up his mouth like yours and tries to consciously make a sound come out. It is interesting how baby can easily make many songlike sounds without really trying, but when he starts making an intentional effort to imitate me, a strange tense croak comes out, which pleases him greatly. I give him tons of congratulations when he does this because what he is really learning is the process of learning. We are practicing the most basic ingredients of a mini music lesson.

Core strength and balance

B20121002-014517.jpgaby’s level: around 4-5 months, is good at tummy time, can sit with assistance and has no problem holding head up

Here is an exercise that develops core strength and balance. It is basically a creative version of a baby bouncer chair. The bassinet is on a rocker so that the baby’s movements are translated into a rocking motion of the rocker. Because this makes it more difficult to balance, but also more fun for the baby, it is an amazing exercise. The baby realizes (in one way or another), that even tiny movements are magnified because of the 20121002-014542.jpgunsteadiness of the rocker. When learning how to control a movement, this magnification is really helpful, allowing baby to zoom in and get more feedback about how to control the individual muscles. It is like using a very precise ruler rather than taking a rough estimation.

After a few minutes of experimenting with the rocking motion, you can stabilize the rocker with the stopper and baby will suddenly have very sturdy and accurate balance. It is good to give your baby different sensations, like rocking and still, so that all the muscles can respond appropriately.