What do ticks look like and how long do you have once they start to bite?

Click here for a great article on this. The quick answer is that nymph ticks are tiny and hard to see but you have 36 hours to remove them before getting Lyme Disease. Adult females are the biggest, and should be removed within 24 hours in order to prevent Lyme Disease.

What causes obesity?

Here is a Scientific American article about this.

I found this paragraph interesting:
“Bickham says three theories have been floated for the link between screen time and obesity: food advertising, unconscious eating and displacement—that is, the idea that the media use replaces physical activity. His team’s findings lent more support to the first two variables and less to the third. They found video games and computer use had no impact on BMI (body mass index). Television did, but only if it was the main event. Background TV, for example, didn’t matter.”

Where to get non-toxic bedding

Holy Lamb Organics


For mattresses, Obasan and Sleeptek use wool and have not been treated with flame retardants. Essentia mattresses bought in Canada also do not have flame retardants, but if they are purchased in the US, they use a Kevlar flame retardant, (which is supposed to be safer than the usual ones.)